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This Is Our Story


G'day, we are Tracy and Chris aka Ozzy Encounters. We travel Australia full time in our Y62 Patrol and Great Aussie Caravan. We share our real life experiences travelling this beautiful and unique country through our YouTube channel and other social media platforms. 

After being locked down for the better part of two years (2020-21) due to Covid in Victoria , Australia we made a spontaneous, life changing decision. We were going to sell up everything, buy a 4WD and a caravan and live on the road full time.

After giving 120 day notice of vacating our rental property, it was time to find the perfect 4WD and caravan for our adventures. Yes that's right, we gave ourselves only 3 months to do the impossible!!
We had no idea at the time, how hard it was to purchase a brand new caravan in that time frame. We soon found out that nearly all manufacturers had at least 12-18 month wait times for delivery of new caravans. So plan B, we had to locate a suitable caravan that was already built, ready to go!!

On top of this we had to change our currently owned vehicles into one suitable tow vehicle. After researching and asking many questions online, we came to the decision that the Nissan Y62 Patrol would be the best option for us.
That was the easy part! It appeared many other people had decided to do the same thing and the Y62's were extremely difficult to find. We eventually found one and traded our two vehicles in for it, then spent one month travelling around Victorian caravan dealerships trying to locate a caravan that was ready to hook up and tow away immediately!!

After many disappointments, SUCCESS!!, our very last caravan dealership we went to (only ten minutes from our front doorstep!) we found our caravan!! We requested a few small extras and they had it ready to go for us and we picked it up on the 14th February 2022!! Four weeks later on the 15th of March we had sold up everything, had our caravan packed and we took off to begin our new life as full time travellers!!

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